Friday, March 9, 2018

Part One - Chapter 7 - Hydroculture

The moment we stepped into the elevator, Charlotte started to take her clothes off… I don’t think I’m prude, but this lack of prudency really shocks me.
“What is it? You expected a changing room? I’ll give you a hint, I also don’t have my swimming suit with me.”
She slides her panties from her legs to the ground and glides out of it with a graceful step.
“So, this is how it works here?”
“This is Eden, Boston!” She whispers. She pulls me to herself and she starts to unzip my overalls. “And what did the first humans wear in the Garden of Eden?”
Uhhh. This girl is eroticism embodied, I almost climax from the touch of her naked skin.
“Do all the male guests of Eden receive a service like me?” I ask whispering. And then she gently bites my ear.
A sensual thrill runs down my spine. Then she whispers.
“There’s no guy as handsome as you on a hundred deserted planets!”
Then she kisses me passionately.

The lift stops, the door opens. A slightly salty, swampy smell and warmth flow into the cabin.
“Come.” She pulls me out holding my hand.
“And the clothes?”
“The elevator won’t go anywhere. I’ve blocked it.”

After the first few steps I feel warm sand under my feet. Headroom is barely 5 meters. It’s half-dark like on a full moon night. We reach the water about 10 meters away from the elevator. The shore slightly waves. The lighting is provided by the ceiling’s pale, deep blue glow.
“Navi! I want a tropical starry night, campfire on the shore, with enchanting music in the distance.”
A mind-blowingly idyllic scene appears around us. My heartbeat loses its rhythm and I feel my legs getting weak. I let go of the girl’s hand.
“Charlotte! This is too much! I can’t...take this all in.”
“Tssss. Close your eyes and lay on the surface of the water! It’s relaxing.”
I lean back. I feel the world slowly turning around me. As soon as my ears are covered in the water, the sounds change. The crackling of the campfire, the whirring of the waves, my breathing, and the music, fuses into a deep, distant rumbling.  I feel as if I am sinking and, in a moment, I’m falling. My body twitches. I hear Charlotte trying to calm me in the distance.
“Tsss. Boston. Breathe slowly.” her beautiful body squats next to me in the water, barely two feet deep. She keeps me afloat by holding me at my nape and waist while I sink fast into the dark well of my mind.

“Ben! Something’s not right!” A distant, familiar voice calls to me from nowhere.
“It’s okay! Show me!” I answer her.
“I think it’s bleeding heavily.”
Half of the girl’s face is paralyzed while the other half is filled with fright. Blood drips from her left nostril but even worse, her left eye is bloodshot. It’s a stroke.
“We have to get to the shore and call an ambulance right now!”
Her whole right side is paralyzed. Panic and fear surround me. The shore is not far but I have never been a good swimmer, and I have never had to rescue anybody…
“Hang on Christine!”

I wake up in the wet, soft lap of Charlotte. I see the fear on her face, a reflection of what I had been feeling.
“Jesus Boston, you scared me to death!” and she kisses me on the cheek multiple times.
“What happened?”
“You had some kind of seizure, but your nanoprobes didn’t send any warning.”
“What does that mean?”
“That it isn’t organic but a neurotic problem. ”
“I experienced something, a flashback … An old memory, from my teens on Earth … I was swimming with a girl in the ocean. She had a stroke, right there, in the water. She died in my hands while I was trying to drag her to shore.”
“A close relative?”
“She was my first love. Christine.”
“What else do you remember?”
“She had some kind of a brain aneurysm. She was born with it. She had nanoprobe treatment a few months before her death. They said it was risk-free …”
“Oh Boston! I’m sorry.” She kisses me again with tears in her eyes. I hug her from below and I rest my head between her wet and soft breasts.
“I lost my virginity to her.” I say, sobbing. “Not the same day, of course. A week before, but on the same beach. We were at a summer camp for Orphans of Boston. We snuck out every night to make love and swim. It was a large love, but sadly short.”
“Oooh Boston. I don’t know what to say. I just…”

I don’t want to spoil the night with this. I’ve been waiting for her all day. I get up, brush her face, look into my eyes and say, “I love you Charlotte. You’re smart, beautiful and intemperate.” and I kiss her.
She leans back and pulls me to herself. I feel the fire in her shaking breath, as she spreads her beautiful legs.


As romantic as it is, I must admit, it’s quite scratchy when you make love on the sand. Charlotte sweeps the sand off her pussy while lying on her side.
“That’s why I wanted you in water, but it wasn’t bad this way either,” she says happily.
She’s a goddess in the light of the campfire. Watching me, how I stare at her. She bites her lip again.
“You could give me 5 minutes to rest. Even if I haven’t been eased down.”
“If you keep staring at me like this, you won’t.” She slightly rotates her waist. “I know the male body well Boston. I know what it can take.” She grins.
“Did you learn about it?” She nods a yes. “Did you study medicine?”
“I’m still a medicoine.”
“A med student girl.”
“Awww … that explains your naughty libido.”
“‘Medicoines’ of Earth were famous for their hot blood. They knew and loved the joys of the body.”
“Ohhhh … and how many medicoines have you had a chance with?”
“With one for sure.” I push my forehead to hers. “One, who tempted me with the smile of her eyes while I was bound to the bed.”
“Oh yeah? And what was her name?”
“Come into the water and I’ll tell you.”

The water reaches waist high within 5 meters from the shore. Charlotte suddenly starts to splash me. The water’s cold touch sends shivers through my heated body.
“Just you wait!”
I reciprocate the splashing fast and with big force. It’s an interesting experience to play with water in 0.3 G. It’s easier. Goes farther in bigger drops. Like in slow-motion footage. Charlotte’s body is astonishing in this surreal, slowed down shower. The chill of the 24° Celsius water makes her nipples perky. I catch her from the front and grab her tits. She grabs my waist with her legs and my neck with her hands. Then she descends on me.
“North Carolinaaaaaah.” I whisper in her ear.


“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”
She moaned this and similar things before as she climaxed, but this was not the same.
“Dad’s calling! Fuck!”
Charlotte’s pussy clenches around my cock. I cum in her from surprise.
“Ooooh daaaaaamn!” I mumble in a stuttering tone.
“What?” she asks with a stinging gaze.
“Nothing.” I look down to our groins forged together in the water. I’m still twitching from the ejaculation.

“Ooooh!” She lifts her eyebrow. “Did you cum in me?! ... Like now?” then she smiles “It’s okay! It happens sometimes.” She says in a sweet tone and kisses me on my mouth. “But shut up now! I’m making a call.”
She changes to her good girl tone.
“Hello, Dad?” I can’t hear the voice of the commander. I can only guess what he says on the other side of the line. “At Hydroculture. We came to swim a bit.” … “Yeah, she’s here too.” … “Swimming.” … “Me? At the shore.” … “No, I don’t know what happened to the elevator.”  …
Then she lifts her thumb to her ears and mouth and articulated ‘Call Susan, now!’
She gets off me, then points me towards the shore, out of her hearing range.

“Navi! Call Susan.” I whisper, and I hear the phone buzzing. 
Pick up, pick up! - It connects after the sixth ring.
“Hello, Ben. I’m just getting ready to sleep. Is everything alright?”
“Well, uhhh, how should I say…”
“Get to point son, don’t beat around the bush.”
“The commander called Charlotte while we were in the water having uhhh…”
“Yeah, that.” I hear her laugh softly and I blush.
“Has Charlotte blocked the elevator?” Susan asks.
“Yeah, I think so. It’s here with open doors.”
“Smart. She’s learnt that from me,” and she laughs again. “Hold the line, I’ll text her.”
And then silence for half a minute.

“Oooh yes. Told you she’s a smart girl! … Now I got to get to you faster than Anton …  What do you think, can you swim 300 meters in 4 minutes?”
“Never mind. Start swimming in the rotation direction. There’s a bulkhead halfway there, then colder water.  It won’t be bad but it will make your tool shrink a bit,” she laughs.
“Where’s the direction of rotation?”
“The way the currents flow on the surface. To the left of the elevator.”
“Thanks, Susan. I’m off to swim!” And I hang up.

“Navi! Start a timer! Now.” and the counter starts. 00:01

To the left of the elevator, next to the wall, the sand end after 40 meters, rapidly deepening water taking its place. There is no handrail on the wall. There’s no choice, I’ve got to swim from here.
My legs can’t reach the bottom, it bothers me, so does knowing that I’m swimming along the curvature of the station in the dark. The mobAR outlines the edges of the structure.
I swim in on the left-hand side of a huge spinning, ring-shaped pool. It is 200 meters in radius, 20 meters deep and 50 meters wide. I look back and see that the beach is about 100 x 20 meters big, half submerged bedside the platform. It would’ve been a perfect space luxury resort. The fish farm’s technical equipment is indicated 10 meters deep. The ring pool is split into four sections along the elevator axis. This is the tropical section. The next one, where I am swimming to, is the freshwater one, about 14 degrees cold. The other two are the arctic ones 4 degrees and the fluvial 9 degrees cold. The timer is around 3 minutes when I reach the watershed wall, a 30 centimeters tall bulkhead rising out from the water. I pull myself up and reach into the water of the other side. Brrr, 14 degrees, this is a cold one! Susan’s calling. I answer the call.
“What’s up?” she asks.
“I’m agonizing at the watershed for the moment.”
“Son if you’re this slow, wait for me where you are. I’m at the shore. I will get in the water and swim to you.”

I wait for her on the freshwater side. 14 degrees. If you’re swimming around you can get used to it. The timer sits around 5:10 when I see Susan swimming toward me.
“Put this on Casanova!” she says quietly when she arrives at the wall, handing me a pair of white underpants. “Anton doesn’t value the Edenian dress code.” She giggles quietly.

“So, we’re swimming then?”
“Let’s swim!” I answer, relieved after struggling to put on the underwear.
The 24 Celsius warm sea feels like a thermal bath after the freshwater section. Susan takes lead farther from the watershed. She’s a way better swimmer than I. Maybe she can drag me to the shore if I run out of juice, I hope.
“What’s up champ? Are you out of breath?”
“This is not my sport.”

The way back against the current was quite challenging for me. I struggled back to the shore by backstroke for the last 100 meters. The commander and Charlotte were sitting around the fire. Susan just exhaled when she gets to the shore, while I’m panting like someone who ran a marathon. 10:22, timer stops.
“Ooooh damn!” I turn on to my belly on the shore.
Dad and his daughter have a good laugh at me.
“I was afraid that I would end up having to drag him back to shore.” Susan laughs too.
“Water is not a friendly environment for an astronaut.” I mumble with my face in the sand.
“You see? Told you to not swim in that far with her. But you had to show off.” Charlotte says while laughing.
“Join us around the fire, astronaut!” The commander invites.
“Just a sec. I gotta catch my breath.”

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